I am a French (but nice) Designer living in Brooklyn & working @Stinkdigital as Associate Creative Director. Previously ,@Kickstarter @hellomonday, @firstborn and @isobar. I am a @hyperisland alumnus.

Version Log  —

1.21 (July 2016)

Background —

As a designer, I am fully invested in all part of the process. I have a holistic approach to every project. I always keep in mind to love both the craft and the story behind. Most of all, I enjoy the process and think every part of it contributes to help make great products. 

For the past 10 years, I have helped brands like Google, Microsoft, Twitter and Spotify shape Interactive Product and Communication to lift their user engagement or brand image. I am passionate about purposeful brand and product. I seek to create work that will stand the test of time. I think of utility as the ultimate advertisement a Brand can create for its consummer.

Google, Youtube, Spotify, Twitter, Redbull, Fanta, Microsoft

Interactive, Motion, Art Direction, Branding, iOS Design, Fast Prototyping

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Spotify - Found them First
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Spotify - Found them First

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