UX Lead
Stefan Dufgran

Lead Developer
PJ Ahlberg

Satu Pelkonen

Jessica Hagg

Art Director
Olivier Gillaizeau

Lead Front-End Developer
Arnaud Tanelian

Front-End Developer
Tim Roussilhe

Front-End Developer
Mathias Van Impe

Executive Producer
Amy Curry Hanley

Lauren Saunders

As the lead Designer and Art Director of the project my role ranged from concepting to illustration and design directions. I've been involved in the project until the very end to make sure everything looked the best we could. 

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Found Them First compares your individual Spotify listening history to global data in order to reveal just how many artists you discovered before the tidal wave of mainstream acceptance hit. With hundreds of new artists in the database, we had to design an experience that could look every bit as good for users with two matches as it would for users with 60. As the idea was simple enough and focus around fast information delivery we decided on an extremely simple flow. 

We wanted to create a cinematic moment focused on anticipation.



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Cannes Lion (spotify dingles) - Cyber Silver