The Story

Reebok had many online platforms. So far, no one had taken on the daunting task of unifying all of them online in one coherent website. Reebok chose Hellomonday to create the new in early June 2013. 

The result was a 6+ month effort on our part to create the best ecommerce website we have ever created. We decided to focus, as a first task, on creating a detailed and flexible identity system for online use. This enabled us to work from the ground up with the brand.



We developed a completely new user experience in partnership with Adidas UX Lab. Style and UX were combined later on, while creating more than twenty template pages. 



We wanted to create a clean and simple look to drive the eCommerce brand toward the company's goal of being the number 1 fitness brand. It was to be free of clutter, such that everyday athletes could be inspired to workout. We didn't want to take too heavy an inspiration from the stores' display in order to appeal to the maximum number of people.


Product Page

The most challenging page was definitely the product page. As the cornerstone of any eCommerce experience, we spent a lot of time refining it to make it unique. A poorly designed layout here could impact the business more than anywhere else, as this was where most of the buying blockage would happen. We needed to make it smooth, simple, and yet stylish, to reflect the Reebok brand.


Product Listing Page

Another pillar to any eCommerce experience, the product listing page helps the customer go through the stock via an advanced search tool. Adidas's UX team diligently helped us by providing the right feedback and testing it to ensure that this page would be as efficient as possible.