Art Director
Olivier Gillaizeau

Nickie Kun

As the Lead Designer for this project, I was in charge of the Design Direction, as well as the process and the presentations. 

"Launchpad" is a incubator program funded by Google. Applicant can receive as much as $100K in funding. Google needed an identity to support their growing "Launchpad" conferences all over the world. They needed to both consolidate what existed previously and expand on it so the identity would take a life of its own. 


Design Direction

Create a system of beautiful flags that will help define the conferences all over the world. Here is a few of the things we would have to take in consideration while creating this identity.

Obj. #1

Existing Work

"Material Design" just came out and this initiative needed to support and consider it. We also needed to work with previous update on the branding that has been done earlier that year. 

Obj. #2

Be User Centric

People will use this identity within Google and outside of Google. I wanted to create something that would be modular and simple enough to fit the uses of a wide variety of people. 

Obj. #3

Have Character

Although our client was part of a large organisation we wanted the identity to be a good representation of this muticultural effort. We wanted to be Google as well as Launchpad. Showing of the values of Sharing and Mindfulness.

Our first step in the process was to lay out all of our thoughts on to a Styletile. This helps us just playing with the design while already testing our thinking. 


Create a System

In order to be used, this identity needed to fall under a system. It needed to be both comprehensive and beautiful. We choosed to focus on creating a custom flag for each city the conference would take place in. This graphical element would be carried in every collateral of the identity to complete the google identity and make this a whole. Below example of this system with different city.


Theses graphic will live also live in the different recap video Launchpad would produce over the year. We needed to convert theses into a quick motion piece to showcase how the system would work.


As the identity needed to live in more places, I was asked to design multiple collateral. I just used the system we create to create theses.